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Building Management System

A building's mechanical and electrical systems, such as the ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems, are controlled and monitored by a building management system, also referred to as building automation system.

A BMS normally consists of one or more control panels that are wired to various sensors, valves, switches, etc. around the building and are installed in an IT room. This makes it possible for the BMS to properly monitor and manage the building.

Sensors are installed to measure temperatures. There are many different kinds of these; normally, an outside air sensor is attached to keep track of the temperature outside. As well as installing immersion/duct sensors on heating pipes and air handling equipment to monitor and control the heating and cooling, different room sensors would be installed to monitor and control various zones.

Actuators that are installed on heating valves or duct valves enable them to be opened and closed automatically.

Submeters are frequently installed to track energy use in certain parts of a building. Meters can also be monitored to offer information on energy usage, including gas, electricity, and water.

Within the BMS control panel, there are controllers that hold the methodology that is utilised to operate the building.

The best way to monitor and manage energy use inside a building is using a BMS. It can manage the following areas of a building below:

  • HVAC

  • Heating

  • Ventilation

  • Boiler Control

  • Lighting control

  • Electric power control

  • Security and observation

  • Fire alarm system

  • Elevators

  • Plumbing 


BMS also includes enhanced features as:

  • Lightning, electric power supply and uninterrupted power supply system

  • Smoke removal, firefighting

  • Automatic equipment of Central Heat Supply Station, boiler systems and heating systems

  • Cooling stations and refrigeration supply system

  • System for commercial accounting of heat consumption

  • closed-circuit, terrestrial and satellite television

  • Structured cable system (SCS)

  • Access monitoring and control system

  • Automated Parking

  • Fire alarm system, fire, and other emergency warning systems

  • Security-burglar signalling system

  • Other low current systems


We deliver and install complete BMS system integrated with sensors, monitoring equipment and post-delivery service support. 

Our portfolio and happy client profile make TAPL a renowned solution provider who is capable of successfully and quickly implementing the entire BMS project for the customer. We value our commitments and client trust, and having specialist knowledge have helped us keep our promises.

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