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Virtual Team Meeting

Audio-Visual Integrated Training Rooms

Office Work

Intelligent AV training solutions to improve, motivate, and enhance minds.

With the help of modern training spaces, you can conduct effective, convenient, and inexpensive internal training.

Every firm recognises the need for training, and using contemporary AV technology is essential to achieving your learning and development goals. In order to impact and influence the trainees' future, it is essential for the business to supplement the trainers with internal training resources. And as a result, the company's future productivity and growth will be negatively impacted.

The most recent technology, including video conferencing capabilities, projectors, collaboration tools, schedulers, interactive whiteboards, and more, is available in training rooms today.

Training courses now need to use both interactivity and AV technologies. The goal of TAPL is to provide training spaces that are both participatory and formal and offer a place for individuals to gather, learn, and interact.


Transforming the auditorium AV experience:

An auditorium's main function is to provide its audience with a memorable, broader experience. High-definition projectors, flat-screen displays, high-definition digital audio, and lighting automation all work together to create a singular experience that can be created especially for you. In today's quick-paced environment, having live streaming capabilities across various social and digital media is equally essential.

We are aware of this and give you the tools you need to deliver an exceptional, rich multimedia experience. We create auditorium encounters that feature :

  • high-quality audio and video experience

  • numerous options for audience participation

  • Multiple recording possibilities

  • Options for Live streaming

  • Automated Lighting Setups for Different Situations

  • Remote management and real-time monitoring of the AV experience


Digital Cafeterias to revive your staff:

In the contemporary workplace, the cafeteria serves as more than just a place to eat; it also acts as a platform for collaboration.


You can now use the cafeteria as a multipurpose area for holding events, interactive seminars, and team-building exercises.

  • Informing staff of company news

  • Watching live TV is entertaining.

  • Present in all or a portion of the room.

  • Give employees access to event video feeds.

  • Conduct team-building exercises Hold celebrations and client events

  • Encourage a safe touchless dining environment

  • Hold meetings with a high-definition display and audio


Video walls  (Indoor / Outdoor LED walls)

A video wall is a cluster of displays that have been linked together to form a single, sizable display surface and offer information that appears seamless.

High-definition videos and images are displayed on digital display solutions, including signs and video walls, giving viewers an immersive experience. Digital signage is very beneficial to many different businesses, including corporate, tourists, restaurants, education, and retail.

The actual value of digital display resides in its ability to convey content easily across locations or multiple places with just a click, whether it be social network feeds or business notifications.

SDx and Mobility:

This Product Line engages in developing and implementing modern IT infrastructure solutions for businesses, Web 2.0 companies, big data centres, cloud service providers and other organisations. These solutions are based on recent advancements in infrastructure development, including software-driven computing, hyperconverged environments, storage, and networking in visual environments.

Integrated Solutions for Wired and Wireless Access for Corporations and Large Campuses are a complement to the Core Infrastructure solution. Modern mobility capabilities are added to established networking technologies, increasing organisations' flexibility and productivity.

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