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The Triangular Automation Belief System

A product is as good as the solutions it brings. That said, there are products that can affect users in multiple ways with a quantum jump in outcomes. With the best products at just the right prices and the backing of effective services at all times, Triangular Automation transforms relations into the most fruitful for every stakeholder across all areas of its reach. 

Customer First (and always)


They are so we are. And by our own admission, they are because we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide advices and solutions that remain both objective and contemporary. These in equal measure build trust in our customers’ mind at all times.

Our lineage and tie-ups

Technology these days can change anywhere at any time. What it calls for an ecosystem that’s equally represented worldwide with the right resources. What this bring to our customers in India are well-founded cutting-edge products of world significance.

Our much-admired way of working!

The Triangular experience is all about AN EXPERIENCE that’s enriching in every way. And at the centre of it is Triangular's incredible team that’s of some of the most intrepid and intelligent people known who bring about customer fulfilments in the toughest of situations. At Triangular, we give them the right environment to perform and grow!

Our outcome-driven approach!

An experience isn’t AN ENRICHING EXPERIENCE if there’s no consistency to it. Providing consistency to all our offerings is Triangular's rigorous and unwavering commitment towards an ROI-backed results that have stood the test of time and usability.

Our retaining trust!

Nothing enriches like trust. And at Triangular, trust remains the cornerstone of every action such that all our services are accepted by our customers with our words, deeds and behaviour, in most cases without the customary question.

Our being rooted to the future!

Technology was every-changing. What’s also changed in the present is the speed of its adoption making even the future seem dated. What it calls for is a clear understanding of technology, and its expectation which keeps you in the present. At Triangular we do just that. And have found immense success!

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